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20 Tips for Engineering Students

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations”. 

While engineering seems to be one of the most rewarding careers, getting your degree can be a bit challenging. A balanced mix of self-awareness and time management can take you a long way. The following are a few tips that may help aspiring engineers on their path to success:

Be Inspired

Whatever you do in life, it is very important to stay inspired. Find more about people who inspire and learn from their success stories. Understand what it takes to be successful and emulate their good habits in your own life. 

Understand Your Curriculum

It is very important to understand your curriculum well before trying to excel it. You must know your syllabus well, gather information on the topics and find the best books available. It is also important to diversify your classes and learn the different approaches to engineering. You can also check the curriculum in the top private engineering colleges of India.

Stay Organized and Manage Your Time

An engineering student must learn the value of time. With such a heavy course load, it is important to prioritize your tasks and keep yourself organised.

Notes Are Important

Try to make as many notes as possible. While books can be intense, it is important to read them carefully and thereby make notes on what you need to remember. 

Be Inquisitive

Asking more questions helps you understand the topic and thereby enhances your knowledge. Ask questions to clarify your concepts and later you’ll see how it helps you in your career.

Study Groups Can Be Helpful

Studying in groups helps in clearing small doubts and acts as encouragement in tough times. Working in a team introduces new viewpoints to a problem and makes the study time more light and enjoyable. 

Know Your Teachers

It is very important to maintain friendly relations with your teachers. This will make you feel comfortable while approaching them and thereby enhance your knowledge. You can also turn to them for career advice and also get insights of the industry. The top engineering colleges Pune, Maharashtra, and other states include some of the best faculties in the country.

Help Yourself

Before asking for help, try to do things on your own. Once you show your own efforts, the needed help will come your way. Even when you feel lost, make legitimate efforts to solve the problem before seeking help.

Work On Your Skills

It is very important to work on and enhance your writing and communication skills. An engineer is expected to write emails, hold meetings, find problems and develop solutions. All of this requires good speaking and writing skills.

Do An Internship

The best way to enhance your skills and build a good portfolio is to do internships. These internships can also open job opportunities as you can demonstrate your skills to potential employers.

Share Your Knowledge

Sharing your knowledge helps in improving your own performance. When you explain a topic to someone else, it helps tighten your grasp over it.

Work On Your Portfolio

As an aspiring engineer, it is very important to build a strong portfolio. Internships and projects give the employer an expression that you have both theoretical and practical knowledge.

Networks Are Important

Networks play a very important role in finding jobs and building professional relationships. You must not wait until the end of your course for this. Attending more seminars, lectures, networking events and workshops can help you increase acquaintance with the people of your field.

Be a Team Player

It is very important to know how to work in a team. Take up new projects, be a part of an organization or participate in different sports to learn the importance of teamwork.

Learn Different Languages

Engineering is a rewarding profession as engineers are in demand all over the world. Learning different languages can help increase your worth and take your career to a global level.

Health Is Wealth

Along with your skills and knowledge, it is important to take care of your health. Eating a balanced diet and sleeping at timely hours can help increase your effectiveness.

Focus on Solutions

While it is important to find problems, you must try to focus more on the solutions. Try to keep a positive attitude towards your goals and you will be halfway there.

Be a Leader

Leaders are not born but made. It is very important for a student to develop leadership qualities which can be done through focus and presence of mind. It is important to take responsibility for your own self along with that of the team. 

A Design Class Can Be Helpful

Taking designing classes can help improve your skillset. The designing aspect can improve the overall understanding and depth of the subject, the design class should be more practical and less theoretical. 

Perseverance Is The Key

The most significant thing that an aspiring engineer can do is to never give up. However hard things might seem, it is important to keep believing in oneself.

With hard work and passion, anything can be achieved. You can also contact Way2Admission for end to end assistance in any queries regarding admission in academics or engineering discipline.


How to Choose the Right Medical College in India

With the first medical college built in 1835, medical studies in India have gone through various stages of development. Not only is medicine a rewarding career, but it also helps in saving the lives of thousands of people. Choosing the right medical college can be a bit of a daunting task. With a number of medical colleges available at both national and international level, it becomes very important to take an informed decision. 

Types of Medical Colleges

As per the World Federation for Medical Education, India has the most number of operational medical schools. There are some best private medical colleges in Kolkata, Delhi, Bengaluru and other states of India. There are three main categories of medical colleges in the country:

  1. Government Medical Colleges: The Government Medical Colleges are run by the Centre or State Government Agencies. These colleges are preferred more due to their credibility and lower fee structure. But admission to these colleges is quite difficult due to fewer seats and thereby intense competition. All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research (JIPMER), Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) are some of the top Government Medical Colleges in India.
  2. Private Medical Colleges: These colleges are run by some private organisations. Private colleges fall under the universities of the State. A State Regulatory Authority approves and manages its fees, running and maintenance.
  3.  Deemed Medical Colleges: These colleges fall under the Deemed Universities. These are the universities which are not established by any government body. Hence, they have the autonomy and authority to make their own decisions regarding the fees and management. 

How to Choose a Medical College

With hundreds of medical colleges to choose from, it is very important to choose the right college as your future depends on it. Way2admission can help smoothen this process of finding the college that meets your eligibility criteria and budget requirements. It is an end to end educational consultancy that can guide you throughout the entire process. The following are a few things that you must keep in mind while selecting the right medical college:

Ranking of the College

The most important thing to consider before selecting a college is to check its ranking. There are several ranking agencies which give different ranks to the colleges. Generally, colleges are ranked based on three things- patient inflow in its hospital, the time period since its establishment and the seats available for admission. These rankings show how a university is in comparison to others.

Cost of Education

Medical educational programs are often quite expensive. It is very important to choose a college that meets the budget that you are willing to spend. Normally, government colleges are more expensive than private ones. But these colleges offer lesser seats and thereby it becomes quite competitive to get admission. 


While selecting a college, its location plays a very important role. While studying medical, a student is to spend more than 4 years on campus. Therefore, select a college which is located in an area where you are comfortable living and studying. The main factors that must be considered while assessing the location are climate, demographics, culture, setting and general lifestyle of the region. 

Faculty and Infrastructure

Infrastructure and faculty are two most important criterias that must be considered before selecting a college. A good medical college must include state-of-the-art labs and an outpatient hospital attached to it. It must receive enough patients so that the students can have exposure and practical knowledge of the clinical work.

A good medical college will assist in an all-round development of its students. It aims at providing both theoretical and practical knowledge of its students. There are several Top Medical Colleges Kolkata, Delhi, Bengaluru and other states of India. Take your time, consider all the factors and thereafter select the college which is right for you and suits you perfectly.

Which one is better: Government or Private College?

Choosing the right college can be an overwhelming task. It is one of the most important decisions that a student has to make in his life. Therefore, it becomes very important to consider all the factors and then make an informed decision. Often, students get confused in choosing between a government college and a private college.

Deciding between private colleges and government colleges requires a lot of assessment and analysis of various aspects such as infrastructure, fee structure, alumni network, goodwill etc. Let us consider the main things that must be considered before making a decision:

Fee Structure
Before going for a particular structure, it is very important to understand its fee structure. Normally, the tuition fee of a college depends upon its fundings. In private colleges, the yearly tuition fees are decided by the upper management. Here, the entire costing of the college is dependent upon these fees and donations. Therefore, the fees of private medical colleges are quite high. On the other hand, the government colleges are run and funded by the government. Therefore the fees are comparatively lower than private colleges. These colleges also include reservations, incentives and quotas for different sections of the society.

Teachers form the pillar of an academic institution. Therefore, before selecting a college it becomes very important to gather information about its faculty. In case of government colleges, the selection process is quite tough. The teachers are highly qualified. The only drawback is that these colleges are not adequately staffed. The top private medical colleges are often adequately staffed with highly qualified teachers. The faculty is more experienced with much sophisticated methods of teaching.

Infrastructure of a college plays a very important role in increasing the effectiveness of the students. Most of the private medical colleges in Kolkata, Delhi, Bengaluru, etc are equipped with high quality and updated infrastructure. They include projectors, smart classrooms, research labs, etc which enhances the study environment and attracts the students. Usually, government colleges lag behind in infrastructural facilities. The labs are often ill-equipped and not maintained. The infrastructure lacks modern technology and thereby hampers the academic life of its students.

Placement drives from colleges play a very important role in a student’s life. The placements usually depend on the alumni network and goodwill of the college. Government colleges hold better goodwill than private colleges. Employers prefer hiring candidates from these colleges and therefore, the placement rates are quite high. Even the salary offered to the students of government colleges are quite handsome. Except for some top medical colleges in Kolkata, Delhi and other states of India, the placement rates are quite low with lower salary packages offered. Placements in private companies are often due to their tie-ups with MNCs.These campuses are not visited by too many companies.

Before considering which college to choose, it is important to consider these parameters. While selecting the right college can be a daunting task, Way2admission can help smoothen the process and guide you throughout the journey. It is an end-to-end academic organisation which helps you in selecting your dream college and doesn’t stops until you finally get to the stars.

10 Strategies To Crack NEET

National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) is a national level entrance exam conducted to offer both MBBS and BDS programs in Indian medical and dental colleges. NEET is conducted to determine the eligibility of students for admission in MBBS and other undergraduate medical courses in the approved government and private medical colleges in Kolkata and other parts of the country. NEET is important because it is the only medical entrance test which is conducted for admission to the medical courses in India. Way2Admission offers the following tips can help you make the perfect strategies that can help you crack NEET:

Plan your study 

A goal-based study plan helps you focused and motivated throughout the curriculum and thereby excel the concepts. Set a monthly plan and small weekly goals. You should also include a daily goal of the planner to help you achieve the final goal. Self-motivation is a prerequisite for starting preparation for the country’s largest medical entrance exam. Adequate time should be allotted to each subject irrespective of the passion for a particular subject.

Clear your concepts

The most common mistake an aspirant makes in the preparation strategy is to awaken the whole idea without having a clear idea of the subject. Cramming ideas seems like an easy way to go through the huge curriculum. The memorization technique may seem effective but it isn't in the long run. It is essential to understand the basic concepts clearly to build a strong foundation upon which the whole curriculum depends. Kolkata medical college along with colleges in other cities of the country offers extra classes to the students so as to clear their basics and boost their understanding.

Never Hesitate To Ask 

Needless to say, there can be many doubts while preparing for NEET 2021. More often, skepticism arises while learning as it can disrupt the flow of study. It is always advisable to seek help whenever you feel struck. Keep in touch with your teachers or counselors. NEET 2021 plays a helpful role in boosting optimism. It is very important to ask people in case of doubts. The best private medical colleges in Kolkata boosts the confidence and morale of the students by providing a safe and comforting study environment.

Practice more 

In addition to the curriculum, students must take an active part in practical training. The best way to practice is to solve the previous year’s questions and mock test papers. This will help in understanding your strengths and weaknesses and will add value to the preparation. Solving question papers will broaden your horizons of knowledge and help you analyse your situation well.

Revise the chapters 

Revision plays a very important role in strengthening the basics of a particular subject. The test tries to test your ability to retain knowledge of the subject in the best way possible. Only a comprehensive revision can confirm the concept of a subject. After learning, it is important to regularly revise the topics so that you don’t forget the basics.

Prepare notes 

Creating your own notes on each topic and every topic can help you understand the topics well. The notes should be strategically sorted so that you can revisit them for a quick revision. Making notes is also a great way to memorize ideas. Way2Admission always advises the students to inculcate the habit of making their own notes which can enhance their understanding to a large extent.

Manage time for self-study 

While it is important to take the help of coaching for cracking NEET 2021, self study plays a very important role too. Until and unless you understand the concepts yourself and prepare your own notes, NEET 2021 won’t be an easy journey. You must refer to different books to prepare for NEET. The study environment also plays a very important role in your preparation. Choose a place where you feel most comfortable. An illuminated angle and a comfortable chair can help you in maintaining a healthy posture. Dim lights and the wrong posture can affect your health and eyesight in the long run.

Know the syllabus properly 

The NEET syllabus is immense and you need to know the specific area to bring out the best output. Try to eliminate the additional information and focus on the significant subjects. NEET examination covers the NCERT syllabus too. The best private medical colleges in Kolkata, Delhi, Bengaluru, etc, offer special assistance to its students in understanding the syllabus well.

Take Rest 

As we are people and not machines, we require enough time to give rest to our body. It is important to understand that one can't have an ideal degree of concentration without taking an ideal break to recuperate. Specialists say that the human psyche can stay concentrated only for a specific time frame. Long-lasting planning will offer pressure to the mind and diminish the degree of concentration.  Kolkata Medical College and Pune Medical Colleges encourages its students to participate in extra curricular activities as a method of increasing their focus and thereby take the much needed break.

Importance of proper diet 

The candidate ought to be strong while confronting the examination. Aspirants should follow a solid eating regimen to get physical and mental wellness. Eat iron-containing food sources and food sources containing vitamin B to assist in boosting your cerebrum by giving the supplements it needs

10 Essential Tips for Medical Students

With each passing day, medical science is developing to keep pace with the increase in the demand for specialized treatments. Medical profession requires the utmost sincerity, punctuality, and responsibility on the part of the professionals. Every student has their own way of studying and  Way2Admission puts forward 10 tips for medical students in order to help them become a perfect medical expert. These tips will help you survive and excel your medical course in medical colleges in Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, or anywhere else in the country.

Figure Out a New Method of Studying 

What you think of as a good studying or learning method may not be appropriate to satisfy the demanding medical curriculum. Subjects of medical science are voluminous when compared to the duration of the course and hence medical education requires a smart way of learning. Learning in a personalised way makes you more confident and also helps make your foundation strong. In order to begin you need to assess what type of learner you are. Don’t work hard but work intelligently. Analyse your strengths and weaknesses and thereby prepare a study plan.

Maintain a Cordial Relationship With the College Administration 

Students should always maintain a good relationship with the staff and administration of the college. Not only do they know all the technicalities of your academic course, but also are the ones that help you eliminate the problems during the course. They will act as a mentor throughout, teaching you how to communicate, study, and survive college life. Medical colleges in Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, etc are taking several steps for building a healthy relationship between the administration and the students. 


Stop Comparing Yourself With Others 

More often than ever, people always tend to exaggerate their ways and pace of studying and this creates in your mind a false stress and a desire to compete with them. Also the method of learning which works for one student may not be fruitful for another student. A medical student should keep in mind that it takes great effort to make it to a good medical college. 

Seek help from the seniors 

The days of ragging and bullying have become a thing of the past now. Seniors students are now very much open to welcoming new students. Therefore, you can seek help from your seniors regarding notes, practical, environment and logistics outside the college. They can share with you their own mistakes which can help you become more conscious. You can learn more about the professors and their teaching methodologies which will help you learn and adapt more easily. 

Stay organized

Being organized is an important part of studying medicine. In medical schools, students are taught to stay organized and plan their priorities correctly. As a medical student, every step you take needs to be methodical. Being organized is an important habit of today's successful medical students. It's time to cover more complex topics, organize learning materials, and usually master time management and other life management skills.  

Develop Friendships 

Friends play an important role in every one’s lives. Your friends will be a bunch of the most varied, dedicated, intelligent and spectacular individuals with objectives and interests parallel to yours. They help us in almost everything- raising our cultural consciousness, study materials, skilled interests, extracurricular activities and networking and what not. Make the additional effort to induce to grasp everybody in your class.

Never be afraid of seeking help  

If you are having any problem with any particular thing, always remember that there are a lot of people around to help you. Do not shy away from seeking help from your classmates, seniors, professors and administrative officers. Pune medical college along with other colleges in India provide complete assistance to its students and help them in becoming responsible professionals.

Work Ethics Are Important

Being punctual is one of the most important things that you should keep in mind because once you become a doctor a patient’s life may depend on you being on the right time. Embrace the privilege and honour of a doctor. Always be kind, humble and courteous to people. Medical colleges in Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, etc. are pioneers in inculcating professionalism in the students. 


Have Faith in Yourself  

While a medical career is stressful and overwhelming, it is important to keep faith in your curriculum and learn as much as you can. Focus on your learning as well as the practical training. There may be several obstacles, but keeping faith upon yourself along with hard work can take you a long way.

Understand Your Responsibilities

It is easy to be carried away by the desire of making wealth out of the knowledge you have gained but a medical practitioner needs to devote his life to save other’s lives. Way2admission emphasizes on the fact that being there for the people during their most problematic and vulnerable time and helping them recover is the most holy and humbling feeling in the world.

While the life of a medical professional can be tough, it is indeed the most satisfying job which helps in saving lives of the people.  Pune medical college, Kolkata medical colleges along with those in other parts of the country provides special medical training to its students who in a way, serve the society.

Do’s and Don'ts for clearing Medical Examinations in India

The world has witnessed a substantial emphasis and growing interest in the medical profession over the past few years as a result of the increase in the requirement of healthcare facilities across the globe. India has always been in the lead in producing a large number of medical and healthcare workers every year. Medical educations in India not only emphasize on producing qualified and skillful medical professionals but also focus on incorporating a sense of compassion and hard work in the graduates. 

Students who wish to begin their careers in medical sciences by studying MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) or BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) after completion of their higher secondary school examinations, have to appear in the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, popularly known as NEET. All the private medical colleges in Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, etc accept the score of NEET to provide admission to the students. 

 Way2Admission brings to you some Do’s and Don'ts for preparation for medical examinations in India. One of the foremost requirements is to start your preparation with adequate study material and understand the pattern of the exam. 

The following are a few DO’s that you must remember while preparing for your entrance examination : -

  1. Your preparation can only start when you know the syllabus of your NEET exam. You can check the syllabus on the official website of the conducting authority. Way2admission recommends the aspirants to refer to NCERT text books. Only referring to the books would not be enough, it is important to take help from online or offline coaching institutes. These Institutes are experienced in preparing the students for the specific entrance exams and help in forming the appropriate strategies.
  2. Practice makes a man perfect. The best way to start your preparation is to sort and analyse the topics that you fully understand and that you may or may not encounter. Among other topics, practice what you are acquainted with to brace your skills on that particular subject or topic. Attempt mock tests and previous years’ papers of NEET. Take the time to try sample tests or solve problems. Keep track of the amount of questions you answered correctly within the required time frame. Now try to improve this record with every attempt. This will help improve your grey matter to work quickly and accurately. In the long run this will help you to make your way through the entrance and get admission into any top private medical colleges in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, etc.
  3. Allocate your study time on each topic as per your knowledge level; set a timetable preferably, to make the most of your time and be fully prepared and stay calm and focussed on answering as many questions as possible in the given time. Check the ones you left. 
  4. Solve past year NEET papers and take exercises on specific subjects. Way2admission is a unique platform which helps you in preparing for competitive exams. The site provides you with comprehensive mock tests, subject wise quizzes, and small practice tests so that you can eliminate any confusion or doubt by repeating mock NEET tests over and over again, thereby improving your skills and qualifications and consolidating your domain key. 
  5. Talk to students who have already been a part of this and try to know about their experience, their way of learning, how much time they put in; ask how to manage time while you take the exam. Way2admission would like to inform the students that the most important of all is testing and retesting yourself, because it’s the only way you can track your progress throughout the journey.

The following are a few Don’ts that you must always keep in mind : -

  1. Overworking is not going to help. Don't overburden yourself with countless books. Take a quick look at each book to choose which book is best for you. It is also a good idea to take the NEET simulated test to help you decide on which areas you require more help. Review each topic covered to determine which book clarifies the concepts you need to comprehend better. Medical college Bangalore, Kolkata and in other states of India helps students in understanding how to utilize their time and stop overworking.
  2. Read, learn, take quizzes and evaluate your progress, but don’t forget to eat healthy and hydrate yourself so that you can concentrate on studying. Eat a healthy and nutritious diet and go outdoors. It is a good idea to make a plan for how you spend time outdoors every day. Talk about your fears and complaints often with friends and family. This will help you stay healthy and calm, which is an important aspect of success in any endeavour.
  3. Way2admission recommends the aspirants that after you have got acquainted with the syllabus of the entrance exam, calculate the time which you would require to prepare for the exam. While you are taking the exams try to answer as much as possible, but never answer the question you are not sure about. Medical college Bangalore, Mumbai and in other states of India organizes special classes to help students understand their curriculum well.
  4. Use your time prudently to determine the correct answer; don't sacrifice accurateness for speed. Stay calm and focus on answering as many questions as possible within the allocated time. Go back to the ones you left last. 
  5. Do not avoid taking breaks! Take short breaks from the study at regular intervals to clear up the middle or confusion about the subject. At the close of each break, evaluate what you have learned and what is unclear or impossible, and then complete the study as planned.

India has some finest private medical colleges in Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, etc. imparting excellent medical education to the students. In order to get yourself admitted to your dream colleges, buckle up, study and clear NEET! 


Tips for Surviving Medical School

After going through all the mental stress of applying to a medical school, a tornado of feelings erupts when you finally get the admission. While the beginning brings excitement and enthusiasm, it is normal to worry about what is lying ahead. It is important to not let the idea of studying medicine make you feel stressed. 

With the right direction and backing, you gain confidence a lot faster than anticipated. Top medical colleges in Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata and other states offer an excellent quality education with some proper medical training. In this article, Way2Admission will help you with the very essential tips to survive and thrive in the medical colleges in India.

Stay Organised

Staying organized is very essential for medical students.  It is very important to make a plan so as to utilise your time effectively and thereby reduce unwanted stress. Understand your priorities and thereby focus on what needs to be done first. The syllabus of a medical course is quite vast. To cover the entire syllabus, it is very important to manage time and remain organised. Several private medical colleges in Bangalore organise events and seminars for students to understand the value of time and learn the skills of time management.

Build a Strong Network of People

It is really important to understand the significance of having friends outside your professional fraternity. Life in medical school might turn out to be intense at times. It is essential to build a well-established network and thereby keep expanding it on a daily basis. 

Make sure that you have other interests and hobbies and ensure to take part in them. It is important to engage in social activities and be a part of social gatherings. This will not only help in expanding your network but also help you gain more knowledge of the practical world. Top medical colleges in Bangalore offer several opportunities to the students for knowing new people in the respective fields and thereby building a strong network.

Take Care of Your Health

The vast and expanded curriculum can make it difficult to take care of your health in medical school. More often than not, you might end up eating fast food without getting the time to exercise. This can lead to a decline in your health which will have an impact on your studies. Make sure to maintain a healthy diet and find an activity to maintain your fitness. It can be anything from running to taking dance or zumba classes. Also make sure to recognise the early signs of stress or dejection and thereby work upon it. Way2Admission advises the students to take occasional breaks which will ultimately help in improving the concentration and thereby increase their effectiveness.

Keep Your Mind Open and Take Up New Challenges

It is very important to grab every opportunity on your way and take up new challenges. Medical colleges often bring in new opportunities to grow and prosper and step out of their comfort zone.

In conclusion, Way2Admission hopes that this article will help you cope up with the pressure and expectations of studying in a medical school. In case you feel stuck somewhere, you can visit our website and take help from our expert team of counsellors.

6 Memory Boosting Tips for Medical Students

Considering the vast curriculum of medical courses, memorization plays a very important role in the lives of the students. From practical training to theoretical examinations, students need to remember many things at once. In this article, Way2Admission provides several memory boosting tips that will help the students remember the essentials in a relatively less time:

Get Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep decreases the ability to focus and disrupts memory. Though it may happen sometimes, sleep deprivation on a regular basis can have a negative impact upon your performance. Surviving a medical college can be a bit challenging. Thus, it is very essential to get enough sleep. Way2Admission advises the students to take ample rest which will ultimately increase their efficiency and productivity.

Exercise Regularly to Improve Memory 

Research in human minds has shown that regular exercise can enhance memory power. Exercise increases focus and concentration and helps prevent memory loss. It increases attention and thereby enhances effectiveness. Colleges for medical admission in Pune include a gym in the campus along with sports facilities for overall development of the students.

Regular Breaks Can Increase Concentration

Taking regular breaks increases concentration. It refreshes the mind and increases your thinking capacity. If you work too hard for a long period of time, it will definitely affect your working and efficiency. The best medical colleges in Pune encourage their students to take regular breaks. 

Brain Boosting Activities Are Helpful

Playing varied games can improve the mental muscles and increase concentration. Games such as chess, scrambles, crossword puzzles, memory games, etc help in boosting short term memory and in developing the skills to solve problems.


Interleaving refers to switching to different subjects while studying. It involves creating connections between topics while studying. While studying one subject, you must interrelate it with another subject. This technique may seem difficult in the start, but is effective in the long run.

Take Self Tests

Self tests help in understanding the areas you are weak in, and are also required in long term preparation. You can take online self tests and use flashcards to enhance both your learning and memorisation skills. The best medical colleges in pune provide several self test opportunities to its students. 

Teach What You Know

Teaching friends and reading out loud plays an important role in remembering what you have learnt. By helping your friend understand a complex topic after thoroughly understanding it is a great way of memorizing what you already know. Way2Admission encourages the students to help each other which will ultimately be beneficial to themselves. 

Way2Admission hopes that these points will help you in the long term to improve your memory and also help you to be more successful in your career. If you want to know more about such hacks to help you in your academics and profession, then without waiting any further, contact today.