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In 2019, NMC or the National Medical Commission Bill was passed by the Government of India, wherein the entire system of medical practice and education will undergo a complete change.

National Exit Test is a proposed final year undergraduate examination that will be common for all the medical students of India. It aims at granting licence to the medical practitioners of MBBS from the colleges of India, needed for the enrolment in the National Register. 

NEXT 2022

According to the NMC Bill of 2019, NEXT will be a common exit examination which will be conducted so as to promote the meritorious medical students willing to pursue higher education or practice medicine in specific fields. As per the preliminary information received, NEXT will be held in two steps- NEXT 1 and NEXT 2.

Advantages of NEXT for MBBS 

The following are the main advantages of NEXT for MBBS:

  • Uniformity through a common examination
  • Increasing the total number of MBBS graduates:
  • Removing unnecessary paperwork for students outside India
  • Enhancing the quality of medical facilities
  • Building an International recognition