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Kuban State Medical University

The Kuban State Medical University was established in 1920 by the Government of the Russian Federation. It is considered among the most ancient Universities of Kuban and also among the top medical colleges of Russia. The authority of the college lies in the hands of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. Kuban State Medical University is among the top 5 medical colleges of Russia. The University is known for its medical education around the world, and is famous for its MBBS courses in India. 

The Center for Practical Skills was made for settling the essentially significant issues of medical education. Its aim is to master the abilities of a specialist without harming the patients. KSMU provides training in the field of medicine and pharmacy and is directed by profoundly qualified experts. There are around 624 employees in the university, of whom 123 are academicians and 371 are from the field of science, others are workers, guest lecturers, laureate of the State Prize, Professors, etc.

Kuban State Medical University Faculties

  1. General Medicine (MBBS)
  2.  Paediatrics
  3.  Dental
  4.  Pharmaceutical
  5.  Medical and Preventive
  6.  Pre-University Training
  7.  Professional Development of Doctors


Kuban State Medical University Facilities

Students at Kuban State Medical University have the advantage of spending leisure time in a meaningful manner by expanding their educational opportunities. KSMU offers great accomodation and mess facilities to its students, particularly to the Indian students. Rooms are furnished and decorated with several fundamental amenities and are perfectly clean. Laundry services are available for the students. The university students effectively take part in numerous social and sports events conducted by the management. It keeps the students sound and fit; both physically and mentally.








Courses Offered

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5.5 Years(Full time)