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Date: 2021 08 23

Tips for Surviving Medical School


Life in a medical school is full of challenges. Career of a medical student can be rewarding when he is able to gain the essential knowledge and skills which can only be achieved after coping with all the difficulties which come along. Way2Admission brings to the medical students some important advice which can help them to survive medical school and eventually become a good doctor. 

Take good care of yourself

There is no doubt about the fact that you will be very busy and engaged during your medical school. However, it is important to take care of your physical and mental health. Medical courses include a vast curriculum and thereby require an utmost disciplined lifestyle.Try to keep in your diet an adequate amount of proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc. It’s easy to grab some fast food every day because of the lack of time but it affects your well-being adversely in the long run. It is okay to go out for lunch or dinner with friends occasionally but over-dependence on junk food can harm you. Though it is very difficult for medical students to manage time, it is advised to engage in some kind of physical activities or sports such as running, cycling, swimming or exercising at least four to five times a week. This would help you to stay fit and relieve stress. Whenever you face any kind of problem do not hesitate to ask for help from your friends, teachers or family. Sometimes, it is necessary to break the routine and freshen up your mind. However, stay focused and devoted to your studies. Private medical colleges in Bangalore tries to inculcate in its students the habits of a healthy lifestyle which will ultimately improve their efficiency.

Being Open Minded is Essential

Life in medical college will bring a whole lot of new experiences and prospects which can help you to grow as a person. Keep in mind that not everything needs to be perfectly rigid. Many of the students go to the medical college with a decided specialisation in their mind, but most of the time they develop other interests in other subjects. Hence, being open minded is necessary to make the right choice. Consider something which challenges you. Unless and until you step out of your comfort zone, you won’t be able to discover your true potential. It is important to be open minded in order to ensure a proper career growth. Be open towards others, make friends and help others. Top medical colleges in Bangalore encourage their students to keep an open mind and take up every opportunity that comes their way.

Being organized

It is very important to be organised. It helps students to stay updated on assignments, materials, syllabus and curriculum. Organisation can lessen the degree of stress that you have before any examination or test. It may also help you to divide your tasks in small parts and set your goals on a weekly or daily basis. However, being organised doesn’t mean that your schedule should be rigid. It takes time to adjust to the environment of a college and hence you should customise your routine according to your needs. It is normal to stumble in a few tests or topics but being organised would help you in the long run. It will take time but soon you will know what to expect from the course and the curriculum which will make it easier for you to cope up with the pace and the complexities. Staying organised will help you take some time out for yourself. However, it is recommended to not follow any rigid and specific pattern and do as your requirements suggest. 

Do not forget your ultimate goal

It is very easy to lose focus if you did not perform well in an exam or a clinical subject. You may sometimes lose motivation but remember that many of your peers are also going through the same situation and it is not as critical as you perceive it to be. At any point in medical school, if you're having trouble, take a few steps back and evaluate the situation once again. Try to think of the solutions. If you cannot think of any solution, then seek help from your friends, teachers, family members, etc. It is a basic human nature to be doubtful and criticize one’s capabilities. Stay focused on your ultimate goal and get rid of such thoughts if you wish to succeed. Keep in mind that medical school is not a sprint but more like a marathon. With the passage of time, you will learn to balance all the responsibilities and overcome the challenges to reach your goal. 



You must always remember that your ultimate goal is to become a good doctor and serve the community. Way2Admission suggests you reward yourself whenever you accomplish any of your goals. This will keep you happy and motivated.