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Date :2021-07-19

How to Choose the Right Medical College in India

With the first medical college built in 1835, medical studies in India have gone through various stages of development. Not only is medicine a rewarding career, but it also helps in saving the lives of thousands of people. Choosing the right medical college can be a bit of a daunting task. With a number of medical colleges available at both national and international level, it becomes very important to take an informed decision. 

Types of Medical Colleges

As per the World Federation for Medical Education, India has the most number of operational medical schools. There are some best private medical colleges in Kolkata, Delhi, Bengaluru and other states of India. There are three main categories of medical colleges in the country:

  1. Government Medical Colleges: The Government Medical Colleges are run by the Centre or State Government Agencies. These colleges are preferred more due to their credibility and lower fee structure. But admission to these colleges is quite difficult due to fewer seats and thereby intense competition. All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research (JIPMER), Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) are some of the top Government Medical Colleges in India.
  2. Private Medical Colleges: These colleges are run by some private organisations. Private colleges fall under the universities of the State. A State Regulatory Authority approves and manages its fees, running and maintenance.
  3.  Deemed Medical Colleges: These colleges fall under the Deemed Universities. These are the universities which are not established by any government body. Hence, they have the autonomy and authority to make their own decisions regarding the fees and management. 

How to Choose a Medical College

With hundreds of medical colleges to choose from, it is very important to choose the right college as your future depends on it. Way2admission can help smoothen this process of finding the college that meets your eligibility criteria and budget requirements. It is an end to end educational consultancy that can guide you throughout the entire process. The following are a few things that you must keep in mind while selecting the right medical college:

Ranking of the College

The most important thing to consider before selecting a college is to check its ranking. There are several ranking agencies which give different ranks to the colleges. Generally, colleges are ranked based on three things- patient inflow in its hospital, the time period since its establishment and the seats available for admission. These rankings show how a university is in comparison to others.

Cost of Education

Medical educational programs are often quite expensive. It is very important to choose a college that meets the budget that you are willing to spend. Normally, government colleges are more expensive than private ones. But these colleges offer lesser seats and thereby it becomes quite competitive to get admission. 


While selecting a college, its location plays a very important role. While studying medical, a student is to spend more than 4 years on campus. Therefore, select a college which is located in an area where you are comfortable living and studying. The main factors that must be considered while assessing the location are climate, demographics, culture, setting and general lifestyle of the region. 

Faculty and Infrastructure

Infrastructure and faculty are two most important criterias that must be considered before selecting a college. A good medical college must include state-of-the-art labs and an outpatient hospital attached to it. It must receive enough patients so that the students can have exposure and practical knowledge of the clinical work.

A good medical college will assist in an all-round development of its students. It aims at providing both theoretical and practical knowledge of its students. There are several Top Medical Colleges Kolkata, Delhi, Bengaluru and other states of India. Take your time, consider all the factors and thereafter select the college which is right for you and suits you perfectly.