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Date: 2021 07 20

Which one is better: Government or Private College?


Choosing the right college can be an overwhelming task. It is one of the most important decisions that a student has to make in his life. Therefore, it becomes very important to consider all the factors and then make an informed decision. Often, students get confused in choosing between a government college and a private college.

Deciding between private colleges and government colleges requires a lot of assessment and analysis of various aspects such as infrastructure, fee structure, alumni network, goodwill etc. Let us consider the main things that must be considered before making a decision:

Fee Structure

Before going for a particular structure, it is very important to understand its fee structure. Normally, the tuition fee of a college depends upon its fundings. In private colleges, the yearly tuition fees are decided by the upper management. Here, the entire costing of the college is dependent upon these fees and donations. Therefore, the fees of private medical colleges are quite high. On the other hand, the government colleges are run and funded by the government. Therefore the fees are comparatively lower than private colleges. These colleges also include reservations, incentives and quotas for different sections of the society.


Teachers form the pillar of an academic institution. Therefore, before selecting a college it becomes very important to gather information about its faculty. In case of government colleges, the selection process is quite tough. The teachers are highly qualified. The only drawback is that these colleges are not adequately staffed. The top private medical colleges are often adequately staffed with highly qualified teachers. The faculty is more experienced with much sophisticated methods of teaching.


Infrastructure of a college plays a very important role in increasing the effectiveness of the students. Most of the private medical colleges in Kolkata, Delhi, Bengaluru, etc are equipped with high quality and updated infrastructure. They include projectors, smart classrooms, research labs, etc which enhances the study environment and attracts the students. Usually, government colleges lag behind in infrastructural facilities. The labs are often ill-equipped and not maintained. The infrastructure lacks modern technology and thereby hampers the academic life of its students.


Placement drives from colleges play a very important role in a student’s life. The placements usually depend on the alumni network and goodwill of the college. Government colleges hold better goodwill than private colleges. Employers prefer hiring candidates from these colleges and therefore, the placement rates are quite high. Even the salary offered to the students of government colleges are quite handsome. Except for some top medical colleges in Kolkata, Delhi and other states of India, the placement rates are quite low with lower salary packages offered. Placements in private companies are often due to their tie-ups with MNCs.These campuses are not visited by too many companies.


Before considering which college to choose, it is important to consider these parameters. While selecting the right college can be a daunting task, Way2admission can help smoothen the process and guide you throughout the journey. It is an end-to-end academic organisation which helps you in selecting your dream college and doesn’t stops until you finally get to the stars.