About Us

Way2Admission - Creating New Paradigms in College Admission Guidance

A division of Way2Admission Pvt. Ltd. Way2Admission.In, with its registered office in Pune in the Indian state of Maharashtra and Corporate Office in Kolkata in the Indian state of West Bengal has been a name to reckon with in Admission Counselling in India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

An initiative of Mr. Anuj Kumar and Mr. Loknath Soni - serial entrepreneurs renowned for their ingenuity and excellent interpersonal skills - Way2Admission has developed a unique niche in the sense that it is probably the only Admission Guidance Firm in India with a complete focus on the Indian Education Sector with a eagle view on empowering each student to secure their seat in their college of choice using their own effort.


No student is left behind for lack of professional guidance and lack of career opportunities


Each team member at way2admission would strive to make each student’s process of getting into their college of choice as hassle-free as possible in sync with their career objective. Every student - from any geographical/financial/academic background - deserves to be given an opportunity to excel and our team would leave no stone upturned to land him/her that opportunity.

Way2Admission - A Boon For Students

Who Are Left Clueless Due to the Protocol Heavy Counselling Process to Follow Before Securing Admission

When a student visits a counsellor seeking guidance to navigate the complex counselling process for securing his seat in the college of choice - they are often bombarded with choices which are either not in sync with their aspirations or simply beneficial to the counsellor who could simply be a representative of the college he/she is promoting. The student - at the end of the session is left as or even more confused as he were before entering the premises of the counsellor. way2admission seeks to plug this very gap by creating a systematic and reliable process to help a student - First, understand themselves using appropriate tools and techniques; Second, create a list of potential career options which could be in sync with their profile and finally, create a shortlist of colleges which could be just about right for them.

Why Way2Admission (W2A) ?

  • The team of expert college counsellors and career guides at way2admission first seeks to understand your needs and requirements before proceeding with their services. Essentially - YOU COME FIRST.
  • College admission process can be a tough nut to crack - Selecting the Right College, Form Filling and Submission - all within the due dates (which can often be quite tricky to keep a track of) and finally paying the admission fees within the due date - can give nightmares to even the best organized student. The team at way2admission have state of the art tools to keep a track of all this for you and ensure that every deadline is kept track of and you do not miss an opportunity due to lack of information.
  • The team at way2admission assists you in shortlisting colleges that match your desired profile with respect to location, course, environment, budget, student profile and anything under the sun.
  • There are experts in the team who have had a rich experience of ensuring that the processing of your application at the institute of your choice is as per given admission procedure & secure the admission letter.
  • Post-Admission support which is often so vital is ignored by many parents and students. We at way2admission promise to provide the after-admission support like virtual local guardians to keep a track of your wards performance and provide local assistance - should the need arise.
  • Transparency is the focal point of our approach and we may charge a premium for our services but will ensure that we are 100% transparent in our approach and in dealing by way of providing accurate and comprehensive information to students and parents alike.